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Dissertation content page is not something very difficult to create but it may be tricky. A dissertation content page helps the reader to find what is in the dissertation and which thing in the dissertation is on which page. There is a list provided by a dissertation writing services company, consisting of the main parts of your dissertation written in a sequence with the page numbers along with them and their sequence numbers. But don’t get carried away because there is still a lot of work to do in that.

Layout and Design:

You can either be creative or ask your supervisor’s suggestion on the layout of the dissertation content page. There are a variety of options where you can keep the design simple and add a border to the page, add a little detailing to the contents etc. But you don’t necessarily have to exaggerate your work and you can go for a minimalist approach. The contents of your dissertation should be written in a sequence and they should be aligned to the left. It is completely up to you if you want to draw lines and sections or you just want to go without them, but either way it is correct.

Sequence Building:

Remember one important thing which is to ‘only get ideas but don’t copy the whole page online’. Your dissertation has different contents and page numbers and the examples online have completely different contents. Follow the order in which you have done the work. Set a time with your supervisor and ask him the sequence your university follows because there is a slight difference in the beginning and end contents in every university’s dissertation content pages. So your supervisor can tell you better about what sequence your university follows.

When to Create a Table of Content:

Best Study Methods 2The table of content should be the last thing even after concluding your dissertation because it is only then when you have arranged everything in a sequence. Once the contents are arranged in the right sequence, note the numbers down and make a rough contents page with numbers in front of the contents of your dissertation.

Important Contents:

Now, although the contents depends on a lot of things such as the type of dissertation you have written, your level, subject and university etc. but there are a few contents that are in every dissertation. The most important contents that are hardly ever replaced by anything else anywhere in all UK universities are: acknowledgements, list of illustrations, list of abbreviations, list of tables, abstract, Chapters (the break down needs to be given with page numbers in front of them), appendix, conclusion, bibliography.

When to Start Numbering the Pages:

If you are writing the dissertation onward, and it is in different parts with different research projects, compile the parts once you are done with the final drafting and proofreading. Then after the compilation and formatting you will have the numbers of the pages on word file. Every part of the dissertation starts from a new page in order to keep it organized. Once you have fixed it all, you will have the final page numbers that can be used in the dissertation contents page.