Writing All The Major

Writing All The MajorImportant parts of their thesis in the first five days, the sixth day is all about writing the references the right way which they have used in their thesis. References are very necessary to write as they help the students provide proper details to their teachers about the information that they have been using in the paper.

The students must remember that if they do not provide the right references in the right way, the teachers take their papers to be plagiarized and it can cause a lot of trouble to the students as plagiarized papers are not accepted. On the other hand, they are taken as a criminal offense and the papers can get rejected and the teachers can also suspend students for the year which means that student’s year is just wasted.

Importance of References in a Thesis
When the students are coursework writing services on their own, the teachers expect them to come up with their own thoughts and ideas that reflect their academic progress and intelligence. The students can also use ideas of other writers and incorporate them into their papers but it is important that they acknowledge their debt to the sources of data, research and ideas on which they have drawn by including references to, and full details of, these sources in their research paper.

With help of referencing the students are able to distinguish their own ideas from those of the other writers and they are able to follow up in a better way all the ideas or the facts that they are using in their papers.

The students must realize that no matter which type of book or resources they are reading and working out for their thesis, it is very important to have full details regarding it form the publication date to the name of the author so that they have proof that they have derived the research from an authentic source and copied it from somewhere for their convenience.

Proper referencing includes:
•    Name, surname and initial(s) of the author(s)
•    The date of publication of the book or journal or the article
•    The complete title of the text
•    The title of the journal and volume number;
•    The book’s title and editor
•    The publisher and place of publication
•    The first and last page numbers if it is a journal article or a chapter in an edited book

If the students are putting some really important points of quoting the text directly, then they must also include the specific page number so that the teacher finds it easy to make connection and understand the hard work that the students have done.

References make it better for the students to explain it to the readers if they are using their own thoughts or ideas or using others ideas to prove their thesis and  get good marks for their assignment as referencing plays a key role in getting their papers accepted.