Building Relationship With StudentsIn order to improve the classroom management, building rapport can be very effective. Rapport is a connection that you do with your students based on the feelings. When students trust you and like you then a positive bond between students and teachers will make classroom management easier. Teachers who usually try to engage directly with individual students often find the communication awkward and brief. You have to draw students to you in order to build genuine rapport.  In order to get students to take in interest on who you are and to be around to you, then you have to use your charisma, personality and humour.


This natural process allows you to build a relationship and personal connection with students and influence their choices when they are able to hire dissertation writing service in UK. In order to build students you have to use the strategy of “smile until they smile”. You can use it whenever you want to build rapport. It can be done when taking attendance, checking students’ work and passing out materials or when you make eye contact with the students. For example, while taking attendance you use to say the name of each student, you would take a minute to move up and pass smile to students. You can then continue to make eye contact with students and smiling until students smiles back to you.


It allow making a positive and personal connection with each student. It allows communicating thousands of pleasing things in just a few seconds. After finishing, each student will see you in a different way. It might happen that many students begin to snicker when you do this. However,it is not bad, it’s really a fun. Let students think that you are too cool and too old to them. This strategy can be useful to affect greatly to older students. Moreover, in order to build rapport with students you can share old or childhood stories with them. It is a very beneficial strategyto build relationship between students.  Telling a story will inform students that you are easy going and friendly. Moreover, they might begin to share their stories with you that leads to make a relationship. Teachers and students will be able to better know each other.


Moreover, building rapport will help teachers to know the likes and dislikes of the students, how they want to learn and they can be motivated. It will help teachers to decide what type of strategies andpattern to be used in order to improve the learning process. Telling a childhood story will be a good place to start. Students will found you so different and feel that they can easily connect with you. If you are a good storyteller,it will then change your teaching style and influence the students to connect you. This bonding and connection with students will be very helpful for teacher to convey their lecturers to the students. Students will feel comfortable to collaborate with you. If they are not satisfied with your teaching method, then they will not hesitate to inform you and request to change your teaching styles. It will help you to know more about yourself and students.