MOOC means massive open online course. As we know that this is an era of internet and technology. As we know that technology is changing day by day. In the similar way, the concept of education is also changing day by day. Online education has changed the concept of education completely. There are a lot of online sources available in the field of education. You can use them in order to get the education. Among these online education sources MOOC is the most interesting one. Before MOOC the online education was not free but in this online education MOOC is offering the free courses. In this article, we will tell you how MOOC has changed the concept of online education. most of the dissertation Writing Services also offer this.

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  • MOOC courses are available free of cost

Before MOOC, the concept of online education was based on money. Before MOOC, if you want to get online education then it was necessary for you to pay for it. In this way, this online education was very expensive and most of the students were not able to get online education due to the lack of money. Now, the MOOC has completely changed this concept. MOOC courses are available free of cost. If you don’t have enough money to pay for the other online courses then you should not worry about it because MOOC has found the solution of your worries. MOOC is now providing you the free online courses. Anyone can use these free courses without any discrimination of language, color, caste or country.


  • Available in all languages

Mostly online courses are available in English language. If you know English language then you will get the online education. On the other hand, if you don’t know the English language then you can’t get the online education. In this way, there are a lot of students all around the world who don’t know the English language were not able to get the online education. In this regard, MOOC is the best source for them because it provides courses in almost all languages like English, French and Chinese etc. The students are free to get the courses of their own will in their own language. Moreover, they are also better able to understand these courses in their own languages. No doubt, this is the most important benefit of MOOC for the students from all around the world.


  • Learning at your own pace, following your own schedule

All the other online courses have some timetable of study. If a student can follow this timetable then he can take admission in any particular online course. On the other hand, if a student can’t follow this timetable then he can’t take part in this online course. This was also a big problem for the students. If the students are not able to follow this specific timetable due to the variation of timetable in different countries then they can’t take part in these online courses. The MOOC has also removed this difficulty of the students. The MOOC allow the students to make their own timetable to get online education. There are also no limitations of time for the learning. You can learn any course by making your own schedule without any pressure.


  • Encouraging open education

Anyone can sign up on the MOOC. There is no need to provide the previous degrees to get admission. It is your own choice to select any course without any pressure. If you are talented to do any specific educational course but you don’t have necessary degree to get admission in this course then MOOC is the best source for you. It’s reason is that MOOC doesn’t demand any kind of degree to get admission in any course. If you have the ability to do a particular course then you are free to take admission in it without the verification of the previous degrees. On the other hand, other online courses demands necessary degrees to give admission in any particular course. If you don’t have the particular degree then you are not allowed to sign up or in other words you are not able to get admission.


  • MOOC increases the range communication tools

In other online courses, the communication is done only through the debates. There are no other sources of communication in these forums. This is also the limit of these forums. These communication tools should be very vast. It’s reason is that the students learn a lot through the communication tools. On the other hand, MOOC has large range of communication tools. This communication range is increased by adding the social networks in it for the communication. Due to this vast range of communication tools, the students are able to learn more. Moreover, due to this vast range of communication tools, the communication skills of the students will also be improved. These communication skills are very helpful in our practical life. If you have good communication skills then you will be able to handle all the problems easily. These communication skills will also help you a lot in your professional career.


  • MOOC makes classes more attractive and meaningful

The classes of MOOC are more attractive and meaningful rather than other online courses which are not so attractive and meaningful. It’s reason is that in MOOC, you don’t feel any kind of pressure to take the classes. There is no need to follow a specific timetable. It provides you the opportunity to get education in your free time. When you are free and feeling fresh then you will be better able to learn the things. On the other hand, if you take classes in a pressure then there are chances that you will not be able to understand the lesson properly. Moreover, if you have missed your class then it will not be repeated for you. On the other hand, if you miss a class on MOOC due to some reason then you have the chance to take this class on the next day.


These are the few reasons which make the MOOC best over the other online courses.