Dissertation Chapter Divisions

Dissertation Chapter DivisionsThe dissertation cannot be written in one complete whole but must possess the chapter to a great extend. The chapter division is one of the major tasks of dissertation writing often done by cheap dissertation writing services because without the stratification of your work cannot be completed at all. While working on the dissertation the very obvious sections are;

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Research methodology
  4. Main body
  5. Conclusion
  6. References
  7. Bibliography


All these seven sections are a must in your writing and if you miss any part of it then your marks will definitely be reduced. While considering all the possibly of chapter division you must keep in mind that the chapter division has to do a lot with the way you want your thesis. The division of the chapter should be organized in the same manner as mentioned above. The only thing that can be changed is the word limit per section. At times people use more words in the introduction and at times many of the students use more words for the literature review section. The word limit can be changed as per the requirement of your writing for main body of dissertation but that doesn’t certainly mean that you can make a vast difference. Here are some tips for division:


Be Conscious About It:

While making a division makes sure that you are conscious about it because if you deal with it in a casual manner then there are a number of chances to spoil it. It is essential that while you are able to understand the division of the chapters but you should be careful in the division.  Students at times intentionally aim at changing the whole thing just to make their dissertation different from the others but this is not a good strategy as one must find other ways to outside.


Check and Recheck:

The best idea is to check and recheck your word. Majorly the students forget to make a section of research methodology which is a big blunder. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself and try to make things easy for yourself. Once you are done with your work makes sure that you check and recheck it. There are some best apps for iPhone 6 which will be helpful to check grammar and punctuation of the dissertation. The checking and rechecking will definitely help you to avoid the problems of your thesis.


Follow the Instructions:

As amateur writers you are not able to follow the instructions of your teachers because you think that they are putting too much pressure on you but that is not the fact to manage things. In reality they aim at your best and feel that you have to do each and everything correctly. So respect them and pay heed to their advice. To summarize there are a number of ways for the division of your chapter but there are always make your thesis different. The supervisors aim at helping you at your best and if you are not following their advice then you are in loss. Consider the advice and get rid of your thesis in no time. They are always your well wishers.