There are a number of websites that have a vast amount of information regarding a particular topic. However, it is not necessary that all the material available on the internet is valid and reliable. Some material can be bad and others can be good. It depends upon our knowledge and experience of searching online. Many students who use to work on the internet get the wrong information initially.

Most of time they use this information in their work that is not properly referenced or valid. Most of the information available on the internet is not reviewed or edited. Sometimes you find an attractive data or information relevant to your work, but you could not the credentials and qualifications of the author along with their names. Therefore, it is not necessary that all the data on the internet is valid.

Moreover, while searching on the internet, you do not know where the information comes from. This information may be misleading, incorrect or biased. In addition, you could not find the date of publication and therefore it become difficult to understand whether the particular data is current or not. Some data on the internet is outdated and old.

Search engines are used to search on the internet. Students should know that the search engines are the program that are used to find out the information from the vast amount of information that is already stored on the web.

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Google is known as the best search engine among all the search engines. The phrases or words that used search engines in order to find the relevant data are known as the keywords. You should have a topic or a particular idea in your mind to work on. In order to find out information you should start by writing the keyword on the search engine. It is not necessary to use the same keywords of your topic. It can be the branch of your topic. It will help to explore all the data available on the web. Suppose your topics about capital punishment, then you can also write death penalty to explore the relevant information. The better will be your keyword then you will find the good and relevant data.

After using the keyword and extracting data. You should look through the results of your search, whether they are related to the topic of the assignment. Now decide whether there is need to search again by using different keywords or whether you have sufficient information regarding your topic of the assignment.

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If you want more information then add another keyword to search engine. Try to use keywords that are more specific. If you want to find a information regarding your topic, then choose the best relevant keyword to find out the information. Internet searching requires time, but not more than finding books from the library. There are a lot of articles, journals and books that are available online free of cost from the students to do their assignment, but in order to avail them you should better understand how to search effectively to extract information from web.