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Students used to be very excited. When they pas their FA or FSC because they want to get admission in different colleges and universities. Some of the students get admission in MBBS and Engineering and the other students who do not get good ranks in their finals as well as in their entry test they lose hope and do not  think of getting admission in other disciplines. If they get admission in different fields of study their parents decide for them accordingly.

It is very common for an ancient time that students used to get admission in higher classes on the choice of their parents. They do not have their own choices and the result is very bad because one can’t study in any other field without interest in that.

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Students lose their grades and because of low grades they lose their hope to get something good in their life. They lose hope to achieve their aims and goals  in their lives and get irritated and violent. These best way to achieve goals in your life and to get good marks in your subject its always better for all of the students to take admission in those disciplines that are interesting for you.

The best way to choose a better future plan and discipline for you is that you should not rely on your teachers, relatives, friend and parents rather you should  choose your discipline of study according to your personal point of view and choice. If you are good in mathematics and English. And if you have got good enough marks in your subjects. You can easily choose same subject for your BS BSC and further studies. the better choice of your discipline will lead you to the highest level and good results of your life achievements.

If feel like as if you are not able to choose the best field for you. Then you can easily take help from the different instruction to the students related to their future studies and plans. Always go for what you are interested in and always working according to your personal choice.

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Sometimes parents pressurized their children to take admission in the field of their choice and the result would be good, but when students take admission in these fields they lose their attraction and can’t complete their degrees properly. So parents should understand the choices and likings as well as disliking of  their children. They should allow their children to select what is best for them according to their personal point of views.

Students should also take help from their teacher to get admission in new fields of study because teachers always know that their students are good in which field and for what reason. Always be very careful about what you are choosing for yourself accordingly. Check the ranks of the universities and the courses they are offering in their facilities.

Also check the fee of the universities related to your field. If you think that the university and the subject as well as their fee, is reliable you can always take admission. Your old friends or relative who is studying in different universities can help you in taking admission in the best university or college.