Step by Step Guidelines to Write a Hypothesis

Step by Step Guidelines to Write a HypothesisA statement which introduces the research question and proposes the expected result is known as the hypothesis. A hypothesis provides a base for scientific experiments. Its reason is that a hypothesis is an integral part of the scientific method. That’s why the researchers must be very careful while formulating the hypothesis. Its reason is that due to some flaws in formulating the hypothesis, they can’t get the required results of an experiment. To write a hypothesis is a troublesome task for the students. Step by step guideline by experts of dissertation writing services to write a hypothesis is given below;


Start With A Question:

You should begin the research paper writing task with a question. This question should be answerable. Its reason is that later on, you will have to present the answer to this question. As we know that there are some constraints to the project. You should make sure that your research question should be researchable within these constraints. Other qualities of this research question are that it should be focused and specific. The sample question can be like this “Do teachers who use AV Aids in the class clear more concepts in the class?”


Do Preliminary Research:

Before answering the initial question of the research paper, you should do some preliminary research. This preliminary research will provide you with an idea of what you know about the topic. To conduct preliminary research, you will have to look for previous studies and theories. These studies and theories will be helpful to you to form the educated assumptions about your research question. This preliminary research will also be helpful to formulate the conceptual framework of all the variables. After formulating this conceptual framework, you can also study the relationship between these variables.


Formulate The Hypothesis:

After doing preliminary research, you will get enough idea about the things that you are expecting. That’s why you can easily formulate the hypothesis. The best way to formulate the hypothesis is to answer the above-mentioned question. You should try to answer this question in a clear and concise sentence. As we have presented a sample question, therefore, the answer to this question in the form of hypothesis can be “Teachers can clear more concepts in the class by using AV Aids.”


Refine Your Hypothesis:

After formulating the hypothesis, you should make sure that your hypothesis should be specific and testable. To formulate a hypothesis, you will have to use some terms. In the hypothesis, you should try to provide clear definitions of these terms. There are three essential elements of a hypothesis. First, you should include the relevant variables. Secondly, you should make sure that your variables should be testable. At last, you should also present the predicted outcomes of the experiment. These predicted outcomes of the experiment should be presented in the form of analysis.


Phrase Your Hypothesis:

There are three possible ways to phrase a hypothesis. If you want to identify the variables with the help of the hypothesis, you should phrase it by using ‘If…then’ form. The first part of the hypothesis should consist of the independent variable. On the other hand, the second part of the variable should consist of a dependent variable. If you want to phrase hypothesis for the academic research, you will have to phrase it in the form of correlations of effects. It means that you will have to state the relation between two different variables. At last, if you want to phrase the hypothesis by comparing two groups in persuasive writing, you will have to state the difference between these two groups.


Write Down The Null Hypothesis:

If you have to include statistical hypothesis testing in your research paper, you will have to write down the null hypothesis. The null hypothesis presents a default association between different variables. The null hypothesis is presented in the form of H0. On the other hand, an alternative hypothesis is presented in the form of H1 and H2 etc. If we take the above example, we can write down the null hypothesis in the following form;

  • The number of students in the class who have not cleared their concepts by using AV Aids.
  • The number of students in the class who have cleared their concepts by using AV Aids.

By getting the answers to these questions, you can easily get an idea about the effectiveness of the AV Aids. This is also the best technique to prove true your hypothesis. If you follow these steps while formulating a hypothesis, you can’t make any mistake.