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In cognitive psychology literature, there are many researches on the attention. Topics include attention span, executive control of attention, focused, etc. Student’s attention is continually shutting between what they are experiencing internally and externally.

The efficient learning and good attention depend upon the basis of fundamental learning skills. The majority of students that gets the education in institutions are facing challenging with attention. Effective and easy learning depends upon on the way you give attention to your studies.

Sometimes students get engaged in multitask while taking lectures such as laptop, mobile, discussion with classmates, therefore they could not pay attention in class. Students draw necessary resources by engaging in such activities that results in poor performance.

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Some of the faculty believe that attention burden rests solely on students, but there are things that can help students to keep them involved in learning. They need to pay sufficient attention in class and devote the attention to the material at hand. Teachers need to engage students for learning in such way that it makes difficult for them to pay attention to anything else in the class.

Moreover, students cannot pay attention to the lecture if they get bored listening lecture. When they do not have an interest in a particular subject or a topic, then they will not be able to pay enough attention. Therefore, students need to communicate effectively and make the lecture interesting by explaining the practical implication of the topic. Teachers can give interesting examples of daily life to make students attentive and build their interest in studies. In addition, if a student is not interested in a particular subject, then he/she will not able to pay adequate attention.

Teachers should take the opinion of the students regarding change of teaching style. Teachers should ask students how they want them to convey lecture and what things can contribute to increase their interest in a subject so that they can learn attentively and efficiently.

If students will not listen properly, then he will not able to make good notes and prepare for exams that will lead to poor grades in final. Most of time students could not pay attention due to any difficulty or personal problem. A student or a person cannot work effectively and pay attention to any work because it is a natural thing that sometime you could not control your thoughts and emotions. In this case, teachers should try to know the problems of the students by asking them about their problem and assure them help to solve the problem.

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Moreover, in order to make students attentive in class, teachers should not interrupt students when they ask any question or want help because it will continually lose their confidence and they will not participate in class hence will not take interest in listening lecture.

Teachers’ should encourage the participation of the students in the class. In addition, the teacher should make the good environment of learning so that students love to take the lecture and understand it. While taking lecture teachers should also tell students how ta particular lecture would help them to get the success in their lives as it will help boost the student’s attention.