Advantages of Nomothetic Approach

Advantages of Nomothetic ApproachIn the field of psychology, various methods are adopted to gather key information and one of them is a nomothetic approach. This essential method is helpful for us to investigate valid information in the field of psychology. The main concern of the nomothetic approach is to establish general laws and generalizations. By adopting this approach, the students can also obtain objective knowledge with the help of scientific methods. There are also some subsequent laws to investigate knowledge. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a nomothetic approach.

Advantages of a Nomothetic Approach

By adopting this essential approach, it is easy for students to gather scientific and quantitative data. Some advantages of this approach are explained below;

  • Due to the precise measurements, objectives and investigation of the large groups, the nomothetic approach is considered as a scientific approach to gathering the data. Therefore, we can say that most of the psychological theories that are empirically tested are scientific theories. No doubt, this is also considered as key criteria to gather essential information about any subject.
  • This approach can predict some essential results. In these results, there comes to control and prevention of the behaviour like serotonin and depression.
  • This approach has high internal validity. Due to its high validity, this approach can gather reliable data and we can clearly observe the causes and effects of this approach.
  • With the help of this approach, it is helpful for us to provide a complete and global account of the individuals. This is an essential way to shed light on the general laws of psychology.
  • With the help of this approach, it is also possible for the psychologists to test typical norms or behaviours of an individual.

Disadvantages of Nomothetic Approach

There are also some limitations to the nomothetic approach. Some of them are explained below;

  • In order to gather the data by adopting a nomothetic approach, it is necessary for us to use extensive group averages. This can become a cause of losing the sight of a person. As a result, there is a possibility that an observer can display the same behaviour for different reasons.
  • By using a nomothetic approach, most of the predictions are made on the basis of groups rather than individuals. As a result, sometimes, there is a possibility that we are not able to get the right information about individuals.
  • By adopting this technique, we will also face some problems to generalize the laws of everyday life. Its reason is that most of the experiments don’t require ecological validity. In other words, we can say that it is hard for us to apply these laws in real life
  • Another limitation of this approach is that it ignores the subjective experience. Its reason is that with the help of this approach, it is difficult for us to describe the experience of a person.

In the lab study, different tests are conducted on the basis of scores rather than the traits of the people. As a result, there is a possibility that some essential traits of a person are overlooked.