Academic Grades

Academic GradesThere was a time when most people judged others on the academic grades they received; in doing so, they ignored the skills the other person possessed because they believe that academic success is all that matters. However, studies and research in this area have come up with totally different theories; they show that no set method or pattern shows that academic grades are related to skills or talents a person possesses. According to a research by a coursework writing service, since our childhood, we were told about how we should maintain high standards in education and how these high standards can help us succeed and achieve good grades.

By the time we grow up, our focus is on achieving high grades, and we fail to understand the significance of talent and skill. It is necessary to know that grades and intelligence are two different things, and while good grades can help us succeed in life, they cannot ensure a bright and secure future; only intelligence and skills can help us survive in the complicated and competitive world where nothing else matters. This article discusses some of the top reasons why the grades we achieve in our class do not define our intelligence and why they cannot be relied on for judging our capabilities the right way.

Grades Do Not Assess Abilities:

Some people might not agree with this, but research shows that grades do not necessarily assess or reflect abilities. You might know the lessons that have been covered in the class, but you might be unable to translate them into performance during a test. Our mental and emotional states are powerful factors and make it difficult for some people to do their best in certain conditions, no matter how well they have understood the material and how good performers they are. As our emotions tend to take over in certain situations, we find ourselves unable to do no matter how important the task is or how it can affect our performance.

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Grades Are Not More Important Than Comprehension:

Most of the students prefer to memorize the learning material because they want to secure good grades; however, this does not mean they have learned the material well and will be able to either recall it or put it to use at a later stage. Students are fixated on rote memorization, and achieving high grades by producing rote material in class does not reflect having the necessary skills to secure a good job or ensuring success in life. Unless you make an effort to understand and comprehend and are engaged and challenged to solve problems in new ways, you will not be able to measure success as only achieving grades is not enough, and it will not make a difference when it comes to professional life.

Strengths Cannot Be Measured Or Counted:

Grades can be calculated, but strengths cannot be counted or calculated, and this is what matters most. Human beings are more than just numbers on pages as each of us has a variety of talents and skills that are different from other individuals. The abilities are mostly measured by grades but they only cover a set range of abilities. Intelligence is just one of the strengths that affect grades immensely, but it cannot be measured or counted. Grades are useless if you are trying to judge someone’s intellect, work ethics, talent, creativity, leadership and estimate how these traits make someone a genius. Successful careers are based on personal intelligence, as well as aptitude, and one can prepare for them with the right skills.

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Passion Counts A Lot:

Intelligence is one’s ability to learn, understand and apply knowledge and skills but it does not help if there is no drive or passion to do it all. Passion counts a lot and helps students and professionals focus on what they are doing, why they are doing it, and look forward to doing even better regardless of the grades. A person can be encouraged to do much more and in a better way too if he or she is pushed forward with passion. Geniuses cannot achieve good grades if they are not motivated or they do not have that inner feeling for what they are being asked to do. There is no particular system that could define overall intelligence or measure abilities. Academic grades do not dictate intelligence, and intelligence does not dictate grades, but nothing can undermine the significance of skills and their role in success. It is only when we perform well with passion and enthusiasm and put in hard work and commitment that desired success can be achieved.