Writing Apps for University Students

Writing Apps for University StudentsThrough the use of the internet, students have gained success in their academic life. Nowadays, the educational journey is not too much complicated. Students are using different apps for taking notes and understanding tough words. Here, we have enlisted android educational writing apps for university students.

PDF Reader Pro

Suggested by top assignment writing services UK, PDF Reader Pro is one of the most useful android apps for university students. It is available for all devices. Students can use App for creating notes and edit their assignments, dissertation and thesis. By using this application, you can fill forms and convert your important notes. This useful app allows you to freehand drawing and audio notes. With its supportive system, you can share your documents. Handling university tough task is most difficult for the students but now you can cover the entire written task by using this beneficial application.


StudyBlue is free available for android, iPhone and iPad. Picking heavy devices for university purpose is most intimidating. Yes, of course, you can install this application on your mobile and can use it very easily. Studyblue provides you with a library with over 400 million books, notes and flashcards. You can use these notes in your university for a different purpose. Along with that, you can track your performance progress in the class. By setting a reminder, you can give importance to your precious time. Almost, 15 million students are using it in all around the world due to its unlimited benefits. Along with that, you can use this application for conducting study planning and taking all types of notes.


Suggested by a dissertation company, MyStudyLife is the most useful and beneficial app for conducting study plans. In university life, a student has to repeat schedule weakly. Through the use of this application, you can break down your task and can conduct a list. This application is also free and you can use it offline. With its amazing function, it works online and you can use it for writing any piece of information. For example, if you want to make notes then you can use this useful application.


Wunderlist is a useful application that handles your deadlines, assignments and lecture. For example, if you are university students then you should use it for collecting information. At the university, students have to collect a lot of information that they can write in their dissertation. If you are researching good material then you can write all the important points through the use of this tool. It has an amazing feature and you can share your timetable lists as well as information with your friends. Wunderlist offers you a unique list where you can write all your important tasks.

Oxford Dictionary

Having the Oxford Dictionary improves your confidence and vocabulary. Approximately, 99% of students are using this application for understanding difficult words. In the university, students learn hundreds of new words and they often don’t comprehend these words due to their toughness. If you are in university and you have a dictionary on your mobile then you can understand all unknown words. Don’t feel reluctant if you are going to know new words. Oxford Dictionary is also free and very easy to use. Students have to use new material as well as information in their dissertation. You should use the Oxford Dictionary for understanding new material.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a helpful application for university students. If you are going to university, you have to store unlimited documents. By using this application, you can store all type of documents such as graphs, notes as well as assignment. It also works offline and compatible with all type of documents. Google Drive is free. If you have no note papers in the class and you have to note some important points then you should use this amazing application. If you are feeling any difficulty then you should install this useful application into your mobile.


For taking notes and writing important assignment by assignment writers, Notability is most beneficial application. By using this tool, you can type or write your notes. It offers you folders and subfolders where you can save your important documents. Before saving any documents, make sure that you have enlisted its title name. By taking important notes, you can improve your grades. It has an amazing function of recording.  By installing this application in your device, you can record important points and can convert them into the PDF form. You can use it for a different purpose. It is available for iPad, iPhone and Apple pencil. Don’t feel reluctant when it comes to saving notes, just use this application and reduce your stress.