Best Study Methods


How is your current learning method of reading a textbook that you adopt over and over in the hope that something will stick to your mind? If so, do you feel stressed because you can’t remember so much information in such a short time? As a student, developing the effective learning and time management techniques that will help you retain most of the information is imperative. In Graduate School, it is no longer enough to cram the night before the exam. You have to learn the best study methods to excel in your field. In this article, you will learn the best study methods that a student must follow.

Some Useful Tips Before Adapting any Study Method

Study is not just about reading the books and solving the equations. The ambience around you matters a lot. You first have to create a learning atmosphere so that your mind does not get diverse and you can stay focused. Here are some tips you should follow to adapt best study methods.

Keep Proper Bed Rest

Grades of a student are directly proportional to the appropriate bed rest. It is very important to get proper sleep of eight hours especially in the days of exams. Some students try to cover the chapters in the last night. It is absolutely not recommended.

Make the Room Atmosphere Study Friendly

If your room is filled with items related to your extracurricular activities, your mind will not Best Study Methods 2able to focus the studies. Decorate your walls in such a wat that it enhances your learning and memorizing abilities. You cannot stick to the things that divert your mind from the studies. It can be a movie, or a game or anything else.

Stay in Study Zone for Long Time

Sticking to a place produces affiliation with it. Your place of study should be such area that it makes an affiliation with you. Staying in the study zone is an easy option. All of related necessities should be approachable from your study place. For example, availability of coffee or library etc.

Use Sedatives to Avoid Choking

It is not recommended that you continue to study for hours and hours. You will get choked, damaging your reading and learning efficiency. You can take small breaks to get relaxed. Listening to music or having a round of game can be some good option. But be conscious about not getting deep into it. Otherwise, whole of your time will be ruined.

Exclude all Distractions

Best study methods won’t work if you have a disturbing atmosphere. You have to eliminate all the distractions from study room. Nothing can distract you from your work. You will get the break by your own decision. When you see it necessary? But distraction is an offense. You must avoid it.

Get Refreshment

Eating always makes the mood right. You must take short refreshments during studies. Brain storming yields energy like none other drill. Taking coffee or some fruit will keep it refreshed. So, it’s better to have something to eat besides studying.

Best Study Methods to Follow

Now experts of dissertation writing services want to discuss best study methods that a student must follow to enhance his abilities. Here are some top of them.

Brain Tracking Approach

Tracking always narrows the search area. If you track your mind, you can easily change its programming. People who don’t track their mind, become stubborn. Brain tracking is among the best study methods to follow. In this technique, you will visualize the ideas regarding any topic. It is simpler than its term. Just take a piece of paper and write the name of the article in the middle of it. sketch the lines and write the core ideas you get from that topic. Then further develop those main branches with respect to minor ideas. In this method, you will get rid of hundreds of useless words. You can easily memorize the major ideas that an article is giving you. It is the best study method to get instant and wider concept of anything. For different branches, you can use different highlighters to keep the ideas differentiate from each other.

Late Night Study

Don’t mistake this method with importance of sleep. Late night study method is one of the most effective method of all. You cannot find any successful scientist or expert who was not use to of late-night study. Why is it so? Because fresh mind is best to learn new things but the sleepy mind is best for recalling and relating the scattered things. If you make a habit of reading before sleep. You can easily relate the scattered ideas and unsolved mysteries with their solutions. We are not suggesting to spend more and more time on study. We are just recommending to manage it according to late night study.

SQRRR Approach

Best Study Methods 1One of the best study methods is SQRRR approach. SQRRR is also termed as SQ3R approach. It stands for survey, question, read, recite, and review. It is an analyzing method which gives awareness about the progress of a student. It is considered as the best testing tool for own self.

First of all, you take a survey of initials of the book. It is not wise to go through the whole book at once. Rather start from the first chapter and try to make resemblances with the headings, pictures, and point of ponders.

Then in the second step, ask all the related questions coming into your mind. You can write all those questions for notes.

Then in third step, start reading the chapter. Try to keep in mind all of those questions while reading. The third step is sub set of second. In this step, you will express the paragraph you just read in your own perception. Apply this read and recite formula on every paragraph. While summarising, you will get most of the answers of noted questions. Now you will have first-hand understanding of what the chapter is actually trying to teach you.

In the fourth and final step, you will review the whole chapter. This step will prove to be magical for you. Because you will completely understand what author was trying to say. Remember that all three steps are preparation of this fourth one. Never consider this step as an optional step. Otherwise, you will end up with incomplete understanding with the illusion of complete one.


Following the best study methods can enhance your abilities and save your energies. Your efficiency is majorly dependent on the method of your study. We have enlisted some tips of studying and best studying methods you can follow.